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So last month on a lark I threw a challenge out to the Twittersphere: I called it #SelfCareSeptember and I defined it by three challenges. One was to schedule an appointment you'd been putting one, one was to complete an administrative task you'd been putting off in the first two weeks of the year, and the last was to complete ANOTHER administrative task you'd been putting off in the second two weeks of the year.

... and that's it.

I structured it this way for a very specific purpose, because my challenge was aimed at folks with ADHD. I let them define what 'administrative' meant to them and I also limited what was involved in the challenge so that people who wanted to participate had a very real chance of success. Often with ADHD we bite off way more than we can chew - likely because that seems like a fun challenge to our brains at the time - but actually following through is vastly more challenging. So although it wasn't over the top or super exciting, limiting the amount of things that would help to qualify this challenge as a success was one of the ways I wanted to empower people participating in it. It was a lot of fun! Many people chose to participate to some degree and I held them accountable on Twitter, made suggestions and celebrated them when they succeeded.


For October, we're gonna keep rocking this admin train. It has been my experience that many people, ADHDers not least of all, tend to put off tax stuff and not be proactive about it. As a result, tax time - which feels far away right now - becomes stress-and-crunch time, a flurry of trying to cram in a bunch of admin time that you don't have room for, endless frustrated searching for papers you didn't organize... you get my drift.

So here's my #OnItOctober challenge: I want folks to do what it takes this month to get their tax and financial affairs so in order that they are just on it when tax time comes around. Self-employed and need to find/enter a bunch of receipts? Sign up for your GST number? Got back taxes you need to get done so you're ready for tax time? Got tax installments you need to pay, or addresses you need to update? Whatever it is, do some of it now so that it's less work at tax time. Of course, there are still three months left in 2019 and not all of it can be done, but imagine a future where you go to do your taxes and you've already prepped some of it! Wouldn't that be dreamy?

If you don't have any tax nonsense to clean up, you can still participate in #OnItOctober. Got an RRSP, RESP, 401K or other account that needs some attention or updating? Get on it! Been meaning to get or cancel life or home insurance? Get on it! Been meaning to learn about, or create a budget? GET ON IT! Whatever financial administrative thing you have hanging around in your life, do yourself a favor so you can enjoy the holiday season without The Ghost of Unpaid Bills and Undealt With Junk haunting you, so you can start the new year fresh, and so that come tax time you'll be laughing all the way to H&R Block.

Want to take up this challenge? Use the hashtag #OnItOctober and tell us what you're going to accomplish this month on Twitter... and I'll be there to cheers you!


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