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February Plant & Record: In Which I Can't Choose Records to Buy

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Oh man! An entire month has gone by and I haven't written a single blog post. That's crazy - time flies! To be fair to myself, it's been a busy, transitional month for me - wrapping up my schooling, getting my business off the ground, trying to sleep train my baby. As a result, I left my record-of-the-month puchase until the VERY LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY, yesterday, but I did it!

For those just joining us, I promised myself a new self-care routine this year; I wanted to buy one house plant per month to beautify my living space, and one new record a month to reconnect to my love of listening to non-digital music. I also liked the idea of buying records because somehow, we always spend money on ourselves anyway, don't we? But without intention it often ends up being in ways like wasting money on coffee or snacks, with nothing to show for it.

On the very last day of the month, yesterday, I made time to stop by a proper record store in Vancouver, Zulu Records. Strangely, I was almost immobilized. I didn't know how to flip through the records, I didn't know what I wanted (although I had some general ideas about what bands I'd like to find records for), and just by flipping through what they had available, I really couldn't find anything I wanted! It occurred to me that I don't really know how to shop for records. Is that a thing?!

After aimlessly scanning and re-scanning the available records, I settled on a Cat Stevens record for $7.98. Now, I promised myself I wouldn't just go the easy route and pick out cheap and old classic-rock type stuff because I already HAVE a bunch of that kind of stuff, but I'm gonna give myself a free pass this time because 1) I actually really love Cat Stevens and I don't have this record, 2) I couldn't really find anything else I wanted and 3) I'm on a tight budget this month. Since It's March 1st, I haven't actually listened to it yet but I'm excited to revisit some of my favourite old chestnuts such as "Matthew and Son".

I also got a heckin' good deal on a plant this month - I didn't have any particular plant or store in mind, but while shopping at my local Safeway, which has a floral department, I espied these dracaenas all sitting on the floor, all marked down. I GOT THIS BAD BOY FOR $2!!! It wasn't necessarily my goal to spend less than $10 on my plant and record picks this month, since the whole purpose is to indulge myself a little, but who says no to a $2 plant?? He seems like a pretty healthy little guy except for a few dead spots I trimmed off, although he just comes in a boring little ugly plant pot. I guess I'll have to go secondhand shopping for a nicer pot for him.

The plant and record are just symbols of my overall theme for the year, which is consistent growth through reasonable goal setting and achieving. I have some professional goals, some family/home goals, some self-care goals and some fitness goals (lawdy do not ask me about those!!). February was a bit of a crazy month, and I feel like my year is off to a bit of a shaky start in terms of achieving what I promised myself I'd achieve, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to give myself credit for doing the thing I said I'd do... even it if was just picking up a secondhand record for $8 on the very last day of the month. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small!!


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