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At What Temperature Does A Vinyl Record Melt? and other successes

Hello, happy August! I am over here, just continuously wiping away under-boob sweat. In fact, I've found a great hack, which is to just always keep one of my baby's cloth wipes in my cleavage, which both absorbs new sweat and is always conveniently available to grab for wiping away face sweat. Hi, I'm Dusty and I'm kinda gross and I like to talk about gross body stuff like my sweaty tits!

On to more important topics: My goal this year was, among other things, to buy 1 houseplant and 1 new record each month. Although things lagged a little in June, I got right back up on the horse for July with my brand-new Fiddle Leaf Fig (lyrata Ficus) and the new record from Big John Bates.

I'm really feeling myself this month because rarely have I achieved both quantity and quality but I really feel like I nailed it this month. I've sort of been going for either very easy-to-care-for plants or small plants either out of indecision, lack of inspiration or lack of funds. This month I decided to go for a bigger floor plant for my office (and I also went to IKEA and got a cute little wicker basket to keep it in) which, as it turns out, is a bit of a fussy plant requiring almost constant watering, and Big John Bates have long been a favourite of mine which I always forget to listen to, and somehow miss shows.

When I first moved to Vancouver at the tender age of 19, I knew NO ONE. It took me a long time to make some friends and one of the first things I remember about this city was being in Gastown on a Friday or Saturday night at the Lamplighter Pub, and seeing Big John Bates (then known as Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz). I couldn't believe the spectacle they put on and I didn't then know my deep and unending love of rockabilly (also a thing I neglect/forget that I enjoy - ask me about any of the other rockabilly bands I listen to. There are none, because I forget that there are things I like that I can spend my time on. Yay, ADHD!). For my birthday that year (2005-ish) I held my party at the Backstage Lounge (another great small Vancouver venue) just so that it would coincide with another Big John Bates show - and then I didn't see them again until 2016! By that time I had already made them a music video (honestly one of my proudest creative achievements). Since I often forget that I like Big John Bates/ want to listen to BJB, I was quite proud of myself this month.

Anyway, I digress. It's been hot as hell here lately and I realized I know very little about vinyl record care (aside from trying not to scratch them). Is there a temperature at which you should maybe stick your vinyl records in the fridge? how hot is too hot for the ambient temperature? is there more I should be doing to care for these records? Let me know in the comments.

Also sad news from the plant front: my first plant of the year has died. I had been congratulating myself on having kept all the plants I bought this year alive and now my succulent has gone and died, although to be fair it happened while I was on vacation to Mexico and my mom was watering the plants but it had been a slow decline over a number of months. I may have been giving it too much water, i'm not sure. Staying engaged with what plants need to be watered how often, rotated, given direct or indirect sunlight and how often they should be fertilized has actually been quite challenging. I'm feeling really proud of myself for not letting any of the plants, except one, die. It's rare that I don't just 'check out' of something like this mentally for a few weeks and I'll be honest, at times it has been hard to stay on top of it and keep providing care to them weekly. I downloaded an app to help me start keeping better and more consistent track of their care.

I think I'm starting to hit my stride with this challenge; I've moved into the realm of choosing things I really want for myself and not just leaving it to the last minute and getting whatever. And that's the crux of the goal; not only self-care and self-indulgence but reminding myself of things I like and want to engage with. It seems a bit weird for a person to say that they don't remember what they like and don't remember to do/use/experience things they say they like, but ADHD is weird like that!

Until next month, do yourself a favor and check out Big John Bates!


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