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April Plant & Record: Better Late Than Never

Wow! It's May 20th! That's definitely at least 19 days later than I meant to post this blog. I can go a little easy on myself though, because in addition to completing an AMAZING trip to Iceland with my sister and Melody in tow, I came home only to spend the last few days of April moving, and I'm still living in the chaos of post-move mess.

I'm super proud of myself though, because I actually did manage to obtain a new record and a plant in April. The plant came courtesy of the moving company, which kicked a hole in our wall, extorted us for an extra $100 and were generally unpleasant to deal with for my husband - but they left us this little guy in a cute cup and he is still alive 20 days later, so that's a good sign. This is actually the same plant, dracaena, that I got in February but this one's much more wee. I'm discovering that there's a bunch of different dracaena that look different, or at least they look different to me?

Miraculously, I have not killed EVEN ONE PLANT yet this year, despite having no rhyme or rhythm to how I water them or where I put them. I think before May is up I need to make some kind of little cheat sheet for myself or look for some sort of cute Pinterest printables about proper plant care.

Did I mention I went to Iceland? It was a dream trip with my sister, whom I love dearly. It was also my first trip with Melody and it went surprisingly well, although it was pretty hard to manage an active toddler who didn't sleep the entire seven-and-a-half hour flight there or back. We walked, we ate, we drank, we wore coats 'cause it was windy, and we saw waterfalls. That's about it - we went over the Easter long weekend so a lot of things were closed, and also many of Iceland's attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle Tours and Whale Watching are for kids 2+. Oh well! We still have fun.

I stupidly completely missed Record Store Day in April, which fell on Saturday, April 18th. What's funny is that on the morning of the 18th, I was headed downtown to get a tattoo finished and thought to myself, "I should go to a record store after this and get a record for my blog!" but by the time the tattoo was finished, the thought had completely fled my brain. That's okay! It gave me more conviction to buy a record in Iceland. And in fact, Reykjavik has a really cool record store called Lucky Records. My immediate instinct was to buy a Bjork record since Bjork is from Iceland, but I second-guessed myself because I felt like that was too cliche and too easy. First of all, it meant that I didn't have to engage with the local Icelandic music and second of all, I can buy a Bjork record anywhere and probably for much cheaper! Instead, I bit the bullet, headed over to the punk/metal section of the store and snapped a few pics of albums I thought I might like and which were in my price range. Then I checked out a handful of these bands online and I settled on Roht, a hardcore/punk band from Reykjavik. I was very pleased with my purchase because I always forget how much I enjoy really grimy, crusty hardcore/noise punk and I don't have many opportunities to listen to it... and I still haven't had many opportunities, because the record player immediately got packed up on my return and the record is still in it's packaging! So, kind of a fail there... but since I had so much going on, i'm going to give myself a pass this time. It's almost the end of May and i've just moved to a new home in the Fraser Valley in BC so there are plenty of record stores I need to explore here to make my May purchase and get caught up... I'm thinking that June is going to be a month that is heavy on the record listening and I have a lot more incentive to prioritize music in my home and my life!


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