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An Also Very Late September Post

Okay, how do people blog every day or every week? I'm finding once a month is tough!

The ADHD procrastination is strong with this one. As we are approaching year-end I am definitely losing steam on this challenge - not so much the buying myself stuff (of course), but the actual blogging about it. Probably in part because no one is really reading these blogs so far as I know, but it *is* really good practice for doing more blogging in 2020!

What's been interesting is that while this self-challenge has greatly improved my quality of life in terms of having many beautiful plants around my house, it hasn't really resulted in an increase of music-listening in my life, which is hard to admit and disappointing. I have two theories:

1) There's no real home for our record player anywhere in our house since we moved in May. It was awkwardly sticking half-off a shelf in jeopardy of falling and kept getting stuff piled on it, so I moved it into the bedroom, which has unexpectedly resulted in the top of my dresser being more well-organized and less cluttered than before, because now it's home to a record player. Unfortunately, I never listen to records in my bedroom because I never hang out in my bedroom! Also, I have Spotify and a Google Home Mini so I never really need to listen to records. I think I could fix this by investing in a secondhand record-table thing and making it more of a centrepiece in my main living areas.

2) Although I made the plan to buy records and blog about them, I never really made time to listen to them. I tend to listen to music when driving or doing something else but as a kid I used to just listen to music. I could hold the CD and the CD booklet in my hands and follow along with lyrics or look at the images in the booklet and that helped me to experience the music on a more kinaesthetic level. I'd like to listen to music like that again and although in 2020 I am sure I will continue to add to my record collection, I think I'll need to spend more time cultivating the habit of making time to actually just listen to music. Which sounds weird, I know, but lately I've been thinking and talking a lot with clients about how when you have ADHD, sometimes things that you know are fun don't seem fun, and so you avoid doing things because they feel like they're going to be hard or boring but in fact, they're things you like to do! I get this with playing music also, as well as doing stuff like bike riding or exercising. I know I'm not alone in this and it makes me feel a little less guilty.

On to last-last month's purchases! I had to rush right out and get my very own Lizzo record, because I wanted to be up and up with the cool kids. I was not disappointed - Lizzo is rad. I don't have much more to say about it than that because I only gave the record a few cursory listens and I need to spend more time deeply listening to it (see above).

My plant this month was a tradescandia, also known as Spiderwort or Wandering Jew (don't love that name, gotta admit. I'm gonna go with tradescandia because also no to Spiderwort. Sounds like spiders + warts. Ew.)

It's amazing that this little guy has survived this long since I did NOT bother to really read through the care instructions - I mean, I started to but they seemed really complicated! Something about not watering the soil directly... eeeuuuugh. The internet also seems to indicate that this plant can only last a few years and then it naturally dies and you have to plant the cuttings if you want a new one. What have I gotten myself into?!

Well, since I'm here right now, I better go read about it *le sigh*

"you should pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushier growth" what DOES THAT MEAN?

This website just says to water regularly. Phew okay, crisis averted. Jeez, I better go water it right now.

Until next time, here's me, barely but proudly hanging on to my New Year's Resolution.


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