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A Very Late August Post - Upping My New Year's Resolution Challenge

Wow! It's September 28th, how did that happen? I'm going to give myself forgiveness for not having been timely with the plant/record blog this month because I actually GOT the plant and record, (and I wrote this blog!) I just didn't follow through with the posting of it. Okay that's a tiny fib - I didn't get the record until a few days into September so that actually delayed me.

This month I went big and got myself a corn plant. I've got a bit of plant-mom hubris, having kept all but one of the plants I bought this year alive (more or less - I have a very sad Boston Fern in Plant ICU currently). The Corn Plant is a great choice for black-thumbs and beginners and is really just another version of the Dracaena, which I have two of already. They like bright but indirect sunlight; moist but not soggy soil, and only need to be fertilized about once every 6 months (but some websites say you can fertilize it up to once a month so I'm gonna split the difference and do it every 3 months). Use lukewarm water; cold water can shock the roots! If you water it improperly the leaves will turn brown, which probably indicates overwatering. Mist the leaves daily to promote humidity.

Aside from my fancy new corn plant, I also ordered Elle King's new double-album Shake the Spirit online. Let me tell you about my new girlfriend, Elle King. She's the artist behind the pop hit "Exes and Ohs", she has an AMAZING voice, and she plays the banjo and guitar. IS SHE ME? AM I HER? I wish! I'm currently absolutely smitten with Elle King, I think she is beautiful and perfect and so talented. My new secret dream is to play guitar in her band. One of the things I love about her is that she is, as the kids say, 'thicc' (I actually have no idea if i'm using that term correctly) and curvaceous. I often oscillate between good body image and quite poor body image so seeing the Lizzos and the Elle Kings rocking it. I love the single "Shame" and the whole album is a lot of fun (though I could go for some more of Elle's banjo playing!).

Now get back to work, everybody!


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